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Yoga in Cullingworth
Yoga in Cullingworth is a dynamic practice that stretches, strengthens, and soothes the body and mind.  We practice breath work, postures, mindfulness, and relaxation. A friendly local atmosphere means that beginners feel welcome in the community.  Everyone’s body is different so options are given for different levels.  Suitable for beginners.

yoga in cullingworth

Yoga for Adults & Small ones
Yoga and mindfulness practices for adults with smalls, crawlers to four years old.  Join us for this energetic class to stretch away the tension of responsibility and strengthen our resilence. This class will focus on yoga for adults, while the children/babies/toddlers will be encouraged to attend and join in as appropriate. Let’s lead by example and show them how powerful yoga can be to calm our minds, and keep our bodies healthy. A generous amount of playfulness will be included in this practice.
adult and toddler yoga

Post-natal Yoga and Baby Yoga
Mum and baby yoga suitable from about 6-8 weeks to crawling.  It is a special time to bond with baby through yoga.  We sing songs, move, breathe, and relax together.  Practices benefit babies movement and development as well as help calm and soothe their changing bodies.  Practices for mum helps support the changes that occur with becoming a mum, taking time for mindfulness and self-care to release tension from arms, necks and shoulders, and strengthen backs and pelvic floors.

baby yoga

Private sessions and one to ones

Although I love teaching group classes, I also enjoy providing a more tailored service to individuals and small groups. This is because I enjoy working alongside my clients to meet and hopefully exceed their specific hopes and expectations from the combination of yoga and mindfulness practice. We can work with specialized techniques to help with issues like depression, anxiety, back pain, digestive issues, pelvic floor problems etc, please get in touch to find out how private yoga sessions might benefit you or your work place.

yoga therapy

Please contact me kellyannyoga@gmail.com or 07965582530 for information on yoga for beginners, babies, kids, toddlers and pregnancy in Bingley, Harden, Cullingworth, Wilsden and Denholme.

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    I would like to sign up for pregnancy yoga classes in Bingley from early January on a Thursday night. At this point I will be about 23 weeks.



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