Yoga Workshops

Yin and Yoga Nidra Relaxation at Cullingworth Village Hall

Sunday, July 7th- 10 am-noon Yin and Yoga Nidra Our breathe is our yoga magic.  It can center and calm us.  It can give us focus and clarity.  It can release stress and tension.  It can help us relax and drift off to sleep.  It has the power to keep us healthy and vibrant.  In this month’s yin yoga and yoga nidra session we will tap deeper into the magic our breathe holds.  We will learn techniques to help with sleep, reduce stress and improve digestion.  And of course, a really relaxing yoga practice to release deep held tension in the body, and a nice yoga nidra to recharge the entire system.  I hope you can join us. You can read more about Yoga Nidra here. £20 per person Book HERE

Family Yoga- Aug 22nd in Saltaire

Kid’s Yoga Camp-Aug 20-21st 9-3 in Saltaire- Book here-

For 4-10 years old.  This special SUMMER yoga camp will be a memorable experience for children, allowing them time and space to explore their yoga a little bit deeper. The morning session will begin with mindfulness, yoga practice, include a relaxation, snack story and craft.  After break for lunch, start again with singing, meditation, games and yoga practice and relaxation.  You can book for full day or half day. Parent supervision not required.

Yoga Birth Preparation-July 21th book by email-
We talk about what is happening to your body and baby in 1st and 2nd stage labour, yoga postures and movements to help facilitate labour as well as practice techniques to help you relax, and manage discomfort.  It is kind of like a “birth simulation” although no two births will ever be the same!  You wouldn’t go to an important presentation, or game without “practicing” first, so that is the idea here.

We go over ways that your birth partner can support you throughout the labour and we also cover labour positions.  We talk about a “tool box”.  These workshops are done on request privately or for small groups, please get in touch for more information.


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