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My yoga classes are located around West-Yorkshire, in the villages of Cullingworth, Haworth, and Saltaire. Beginners are welcome in this inclusive space to learn and practise yoga, focusing on both the mind and body. Our sessions give you space to be you and a safe and supportive environment with a community atmosphere. Venues are inside and outside around Saltaire/Shipley or Cullingworth, online, or in your own home. Tailor your yoga session to optimize your health and well-being journey with a one to one session.

“I love your classes and even though sometimes I feel tired before we begin and wonder why I’ve arrived on my mat, I always come away feeling reinvigorated and much happier and fulfilled.  Also, I feel I have to say your Zoom classes are excellent and no they aren’t like being at work on Teams etc all day, which is what I was worried about.  They are a much more relaxed environment and if I miss the odd thing or get mixed up, it doesn’t matter.” Sue

All courses incorporate elements of hatha yoga, meditation and mindfulness as well as breathing and relaxation. I work with individuals, organisations and schools, with all age groups and abilities. I have eight years experience teaching yoga to beginners and advanced students. I love sharing yoga with pregnant mums and new babies, I am specially trained to help women through all cycles of life. Yoga is for everybody and everyone is welcome!

Yoga Videos

Anchor Hanover Group commissioned professional, high quality yoga videos specifically for their residents to help them through lockdown. “The feedback following the survey has been incredible. It showed the majority of our customers have been watching your videos and have found a new love of yoga and have requested more yoga content going forward. They also really enjoyed how you explained each action and how calming and soothing you, as a person are. Customers also said how they were glad that you were instructing them as you would any participant of your class and not ‘an elderly person’ which some suppliers can often assume customers are hard of hearing or need to speak very slowly.”

Introduction Video

Standing Video

Laying Down Video

Sitting Video

Standing, Sitting and Laying Down Video

‘KellyAnn worked with me on my flexibility and posture alongside some much needed mindfulness. I found the session enjoyable and relaxing and came out afterwards feeling renewed and reinvigorated!’

Helena, Saltaire

Contact me now to find out how we can work together to improve your physical and mental health, then please email kellyannyoga@gmail.com or call/text 07965 582530.

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