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Love Your Core –  TBC Kellyannyoga £30

This workshop will focus on practical experience lead practices and techniques to build strength and confidence in the core. We will learn to support from within and encourage muscles to come back online and perform their given function. You will learn exercises to help improve your posture, access deep core muscles and develop your awareness of your pelvic floor.

In this workshop we cover a bit of anatomy to understand more about where we are targeting, the yoga practice is about 75 minutes, accessible for anyone.  You will also receive handouts, and a recording to help support your practice. 

“Thank you so much for the brilliant workshop today! All the verbal, written and illustrated information is so enlightening.  All this definitely helps when practising with the body and mind.” Jackie

Why Love your Core?

Yoga Birth Preparation – TBC

At this workshop, we talk about what is happening to your body and baby in 1st and 2nd stage labour, yoga postures and movements to help facilitate labour as well as practice techniques to help you relax, and manage discomfort. We will go over ways that your birth partner can support you throughout the labour and we also cover labour positions and we talk about a “tool box”.

All the ‘practising the out breath’ at the previous week’s pregnancy yoga came in very, very useful. By the time I got to hospital I was 9cm dilated and only used gas and air for the pushing stage, which lasted just less than an hour. So big thanks for the breathing techniques!’


It is kind of like a “birth simulation” although no two births will ever be the same!  You wouldn’t go to an important presentation, or game without “practicing” first, so that is the idea here.

These workshops can also done on request privately or for small groups, please get in touch for more information.

Email to be notified on the dates for the next Birth Preparation Workshop.

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