Family Yoga

***Join us for Family Yoga Online, or when we are allowed, outside in the forest. 

The whole family is welcome to come together for this dynamic, energetic and yes sometimes, even restful family yoga. It is so important for the whole family to improve both mental and physical health. As a family with 2 small children ourselves, I have experience teaching all ages and attitudes. Boisterous, quiet, all welcome in the yoga space.

Family yoga with KellyAnn Yoga
Families enjoy making memories at our special family yoga sessions. They discover new games, and ways to connect. Parents esspecially enjoy the opportunity for relaxation at the end.
Family yoga in Saltaire
Family Yoga in Saltaire

For more information on family yoga in Saltaire, please email or call/text 07965 582530.

Family yoga is going to the forest when we can! Stay tuned for sessions with myself and Joe from Within The Wood.

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