Well-Woman Yoga

What is womb yoga?

Womb yoga is a practice designed to empower a female body, to nurture its cyclical rhythms.  It is gentle, or powerful, it is dynamic or slow.  At its core it honours the sacred feminine, our connection to nature and the elements around us. 

Who is womb yoga for?

It is for anyone who identifies as a woman- inside or out, you are welcome as you are.  If your womb is still with you, or if it has been removed.  If your womb space is in it’s early phases, or has wisdom and experience from years circling the earth. 

Why practice womb yoga?

It will help you step into your power as a human on this planet.  It is deeply nourishing, strengthening, and empowering.  It works on a physical, mental and emotional level.  It will help you find hormonal balance, help with aches and pains specifically endured through menstruation, ovulation, peri-menopause and beyond. 

Can womb yoga help with….

period pain?

Ovulation pain?













Yep.  Anything else?  Let’s give it a go.

My specialised training allows me to offer yoga to women in all stages and cycles of life. Fertility, pregnancy, post-natal, menstruating, peri-menopause and menopausal women are welcome for group sessions, or private lessons. I have over 100 hours training in yoga for women’s health, pelvic floors, cores, pregnancy, labour, menstrual cycles, fertility. And I am extremely passionate about helping women to heal, and find their inner power.

Delivered via regular classes, mum and baby yoga, pregnancy yoga, women’s circles, and workshops. One to one sessions are also available.

Book now £90 for 4 weeks