Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga with Kelly Ann Wiebe at Heatheryoga in Saltaire near Bradford
Pregnancy yoga with KellyAnn

***Pregnancy Yoga – Fridays at 6:30pm with Kellyannyoga currently being held via zoom

This class is specially designed for women who are expecting. Pregnancy yoga sessions include practical information to help support a more comfortable pregnancy. We learn practices to help deal with day to day back ache, heart burn, pelvic girdle pain, swollen legs, restless legs, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, pelvic floor, head aches etc. Through breath work, postures and relaxation women connect deeply with their bodies, stretch, strengthen and bond with baby.

A regular yoga practice during pregnancy not only helps women to be more comfortable and strong during the nine months, or 40 weeks whilst they are pregnant, it also helps them prepare for labour. Whether it is a planned c-section, emergency c-section, or natural birth, every birth is special and women feel the tools they learn in pregnancy yoga help with any birth experience. Pregnancy yoga and birth preparation workshops help women to feel more confident in themselves, and better prepared for birth, as well as motherhood.

Women also connect with each other and find support within these sessions. Many long term friendships have been formed at pregnancy yoga, which continue through baby yoga, kids yoga, family yoga and beyond.

Usually women start after their first scan.

If any of these times or formats are not suitable then you may wish to consider a private yoga therapy session at the Victoria Therapy Centre.  One-to-one or small group yoga offers the opportunity to have a highly tailored session tailored to your body offering the most effective results at a time to suit you.

For more information about yoga for pregnant women, then please email or call/text 07965 582530.

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