Why Love Your Core?

I’ve been asked these questions a lot recently, so I thought a little blog post might help summarize.

Why have you called these yoga workshops ‘love your core’? 

Well, it just happened that the first one fell on the 14th of February, but also, there is a strong element of loving and accepting ourselves.  It is possible that we are very disconnected from our true cores and we need to meet this area of our body with love.  These workshops are a welcome space for every BODY type, male or female, big or small, post natal or not.

Will I be able to do it?

Yes, absolutely, everyone has a core, but most of us are not accessing our deep core muscles properly.  Including me!  This can affect the function of our movement, sore backs, diastasis recti, hip pain, pelvic floor issues this inlcudes prolapse, even our shoulders, (yes our shoulders) can be affected by our connection to our core.

The workshop includes a more in-depth look at what the ‘core’ means (sorry it doesn’t mean 6pack abs) but the muscles that provide us with stability and mobility.  We carry out a few performance checks to see how our core is functioning.  And then move into a dynamic practice to engage the muscles of the core.

Book on the next one now.

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