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All Kellyannyoga classes are now being held via Zoom live online.  How does it work?  Please register by email to  You will be sent a registration form. If you can pay, please pay via bank transfer or paypal.  Suggested pass prices, or adjust to 80% or pay with karma if you are unwaged.  Then you will be sent the details to download zoom if you don’t have it already and how to join the session you’ve signed up.  I am currently running my usual schedule, Monday nights yoga for adults (beginners welcome), Tuesday is for toddlers and kids up to age 6/7, and then babies and mums for postnatal yoga.  On Friday nights we wind down the week with a very relaxing and soothing Yin Yoga session.

Why join live classes?  Personally, I have also been joining live online yoga classes to see what the experience is like as a student.  I really like having something to look forward to each week, it gives a sense of normality.  Even though I am practicing at home on my own, it still feels a very much shared experience.  And I feel I am accountable, as the teacher is watching and can still give specific alignment cues or adjustments if I need.  There is also much more a sense of presence and attentiveness in a live class and this I feel is a very important aspect to practicing yoga in general.  Giving your energy and awareness to your physical and mental body to nourish it through your yoga practice.  For a sample of my Monday Night Yoga class, please click here.  For a sample of Toddler yoga, please click here.

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Yoga to me is a practice that allows you to feel as though you have had a workout and a massage at the same time. It both strengthens and soothes the body. On a deeper level it is a practice that allows you to get to know yourself and your body intimately. It is a time you give yourself to nourish your body and mind. I have been practicing and studying yoga for seven years. It brings me great satisfaction to share my practice and knowledge with others, so they too can benefit from Yoga as I have. Through Yoga you can become stronger, more flexible, and balanced in body and mind. As a student with YogaCampus I am deepening my knowledge and understanding of Yoga and all it encompasses. Yoga has much to offer and is most beneficial when it is tailored to your specific needs. As a runner I use Yoga to bring balance back to my body and stretch into tight areas. As a mother I used Yoga throughout my pregnancy to be more comfortable and allow me to have a natural birth without pain relief. I used Yoga post-natal to bring strength back to my body as well as heal aches and pains from carrying a baby. As a partner and friend I use yoga to be more patient, compassionate and understanding to those around me. I look forward to working with you to discover how Yoga can benefit your life.

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