Little Changes

My New Years resolution was ‘eat less sugar’….that lasted the typical two weeks until my over indulgent sweet tooth won out. Two months ago I decided my goal need to be more defined, tangible and achievable.

‘go one day a week without refined sugar’

-no cakes, cookies, biscuits, bars, yogurts, hard candy, juice etc.
-fruit, honey etc is all ok.

My sweet tooth hasn’t got the best of me this time. The no sugar days are getting easier and I feel good because I am achieving this goal. If you are looking to make a change in your life, it is better to start small, with something that is manageable and sustainable.

Things I have been eating instead of the usual sweets-

Home-made granola with fruit and plain yogurt
Tahini, honey and oat bars
Oatie biscuits made with honey, molasses
Dried Dates

Want to join my no sugar days challenge? Comment below if you would like the recipes too;)

My Natural Birth Story

As I am beginning to teach Pregnancy Yoga in Bingley, I am reflecting on how I used yoga during my pregnancy and in labour to have a natural, drug free and surprisingly pain free labour. I know this is not the case for many women and that medical intervention is sometime absolutely necessary.  My intention in sharing my birth story is not to make any woman feel regret or disappointment about how they birth their baby. Every pregnancy and labour should be honoured, cherished and appreciated. However, I do feel that there are many scare stories about labour, and not enough stories about natural birth and that is why I am a sharing my story.

I continued my regular yoga practice throughout my pregnancy as well as attended pregnancy yoga workshops and classes, and I am truly indebted to my teachers for all they taught me.

The nitty gritty

I woke up around 4am on Dec 2nd, (the due date!- 5% of babies are born on their due date, which is why I don’t really believe in them, but this little one was punctual!) my plug came out and I started having contractions. I immediately went to my yoga mat, my comfort zone, and began my gentle movements and breathing. I remember thinking, “I really don’t know how people can cope with the discomforts of pregnancy and labour without yoga, I have never been so grateful for my practice.” The contractions became regular quite quickly. I continued to relax at home, breathe, shower, bath, listen to music and my hypnobirthing cd until about noon. We went to the birthing centre – one tip I got was that the car ride is where you can loose your calm because of the stress and the way you sit, so I knelt on the car seat facing backwards (with the seat belt on) listened to music and had my eyes covered. I was 9 centimetres by the time I arrived and got right into the birth pool. My little one was born at 4:20, she actually came out on the bed- in the traditional position you see on tv (knees around your ears) which surprised me as it was the last position I wanted, but my legs were too tired to stand.

I had a ‘toolbox’ of things to help me through the labour instead of drugs- (although I did have 2 paracetamol before leaving for the hospital because I wasn’t entirely sure I would make it there, I really wanted to push but the birth centre was 24 minutes away. I did NOT tell my husband that). I would really recommend pulling together anything you think might help to put in your hospital bag. My toolbox included my breathing practices, yoga, music, water, my husband, and emails from friends and family. I honestly feel that there was not much pain involved, the contractions were manageable because you knew they would pass. The only pain was ‘the ring of fire’ but that didn’t last long because then she was here! I would also say that visualisation helped immensely. (I spent a lot of time imagining how I thought things would go and they pretty much went the way I expected). Before I would have laughed if someone told me that practicing to breathe was so important for birth: of course I know how to breathe! But I did practice, and my breath length went from 20 seconds to 46. And I was really so grateful for that when the contractions came. It is also important to practise relaxing, it is harder than we think to relax, and practising helped me be able to drop back into relaxation over and over again throughout the labour.

I should mention that I was suspected to have gestational diabetes which I managed by diet, and I had to really push and argue my case to be allowed in the birthing centre. I was bullied and scared by doctors and told I would be induced and I may be harming my baby. I researched and read and knew that I had choices, as I felt informed and confident I proceeded to pursue my desire to have a natural birth. I have to give my deepest respect and appreciation for the midwives at Calderdale Birthing Centre that believed in me and helped make my natural birth possible.  I would have had a home birth, but I have fibroids and the risk of bleeding was too high.

This is a list of things that I think I found particularly helpful to having a natural birth-

Letting go of fears
Tool box

Two books I would highly recommend.

Spiritual Midwifery


If you have any questions, or comments or would like to share your story, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Yoga for babies, mums, toddlers, children, schools and adults

Yoga for babies, mums, toddlers, children, beginners, and families

Yoga in Cullingworth
Mondays 6:45-7:45 and 8-9pm
Wednesdays 9:30 am
Yoga in Cullingworth is a dynamic class, including a variety of poses, breath work, mindfulness and relaxation. Suitable for all levels, beginners included.  £30 for 5 class yoga pass you can use for two months.

Yoga Explorers Toddler Yoga in Saltaire
Tuesdays 10am
Yoga and mindfulness practices for crawlers to four years old.  We have fun learning about our breath, to help calm us down.  We practice yoga poses to help build strength, balance and coordination, using music, singing, stories, and play.  And a little bit of relaxation. Carers and little ones enjoy bonding through this practice. Regular courses, Term time only.  Cost is £6 for block bookings or £6.5 pay as you go.

Post-natal/Baby Yoga in Saltaire
Tuesdays 11am
Breathing, singing, movement, and relaxation, yoga for mums and babies.  Each session is different, as they are completely baby led.  Join us to learn practices to help baby and mummy bond, stretch/strengthen and relax after birth.  Cost is £6 for block bookings or £6.5 pay as you go.  Suitable for birth to crawling.  Regular courses, Term time only.

Kids Yoga Club
Wednesdays 4:15
A special course for kids, (3-7) we will practice mindfulness, breathing, explore yoga through stories and games and finish with a lovely relaxation. Children will be able to explore their yoga practice in safe, supportive, relaxed environment while they build their strength, balance and coordination.
Parent supervision is not necessary, but welcome if needed.  Book Now

***Please contact or 07965582530 to book on or with questions.

For more information on what to expect at each class please see- About Yoga

Private classes- tailored yoga practice, for one or more people, in your home or business. Please contact for more information.

Yoga and Mindfulness in School- Help students to develop confidence, stay calm, focused.  Mindfulness helps improve student’s well-being and concentration.  Sessions tailored to school’s preferences and needs.

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